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I love Karaoke, you love Karaoke........Hell! We all love Karaoke !! Which is why you're HERE.

At this page, you can browse all my Karaoke DVD's - see what's on each disc - and if you want, buy a few.
All of you whom have bought from me in the past know the quality of my DVD's

I have made the ordering system VERY simple - Just click the PayPal button below the DVD/s you require.
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Please note: All my discs are DVD (PAL) FORMAT - Please make sure your Karaoke Machine will play DVD's before ordering.

**UPDATE** (20/01/14)

Ok, so new year, new stuff. I'm gonna guarantee at least 3 new releases this year because I've had a year off (apologies)
See you all on the other side of the mic :)

Col x

I've also joined the Facebook Revolution
Login to Facebook and type Karaokebar into the search box

Til next time......

PS. If you're interested in having a custom DVD of up to 100 tracks done for yourself, please email me :) at
Col x

If anyone has got ANY of the "Temporarily Unavailable" DVD's, please let me know and I'll happily buy a copy off them - or swap them ANY DVD I have for sale - as my back-ups went with the old Hard Drive.
***I'm only missing Kyla's Custom DVD and Most Requested Vol 1 now, so if you have it let me know - you'll get ANY one of my DVD's for free in return***



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